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Stuart McAuley


Former bass player with TWM, Stuart now adds his distinctive low-end noodling and drive, to Ghost of the Machine.
As a prog fan since the late 1970s, Stuart’s first album purchases were Yes - Tormato, Genesis - Foxtrot and Pink Floyd - Relics.
From then on, it has been more of the same. Although in later years he has listened to a lot of German Berlin school synth music, Jazz and Fusion. All of which has added to his playing style and approach.
His first venture into a prog band was with Paragon along with Graham Garbett and Dave Hopton; with whom he recorded one album in 1987. Stuart then played in the prog power trio Still Life, again with Garb. It was in this time that he also started the long association with Mark Hagan who played on some Still Life recordings in 1992, which never saw the light of day.
Stuart, Garb and Mark then played together in the melodic rock band Geneva. Originally conceived as pop/rock but over time morphed into more proggy areas.
In addition to his bass playing in GOTM, Stuart also plays guitar and synths with Mark in the electronic 80s tribute due, Retro Electro and the Gary Numan tribute band, Replicas.
Stuart is looking forward to recording the new album which is going to be spectacular and to return to live performances. He may even get a new hat!

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