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Scott Owens


Scott has always been into guitars/music, since his very earliest memories of running his toy cars over his father’s acoustic guitar. After years of begging them, his parents bought him a Squier Telecaster, and he proceeded to spend the next year posing in front of the bedroom mirror, miming along to various soundtracks. Eventually, he thought he may as well learn how to play the damn thing! The guitar obsession began!
At this point in time, Scott also got into the recording side of music, after purchasing a 4track tape machine, and would spend hours playing demos/song ideas into the machine. His passion for recording never stopped, and is just as prevalent these days.
Scott’s first real interest in music, was back in ‘80/81 when he first heard Adam and The Ants (Kings Of The Wild Frontier album). However, he listens to most guitar-based bands from 1970’s bands (Fleetwood Mac/The Band etc), through to the present day Rock/Prog bands.
He was first turned on to Prog Rock, after watching a VHS Cassette of Marillion’s gig at the DeMonfort Hall, Leicester 1990. It was like a light bulb moment! Rushing out the following day, and purchasing the album ‘Seasons End’, and never looking back since. He still returns to that album regularly, but is also a fan of the Fish era album ‘Clutching At Straws’.
Having played in various local cover bands for many years, (and continues to do so), Scott has always been part of an ‘originals’ band, and eventually landed the role of guitar player with This Winter Machine in 2017.
Now, as part of Ghost Of The Machine, he is excited to be working with the guys to create and record some fantastic new music, and is looking forward to get back on the road, playing it live, and meeting both the die-hard, and new fans alike.

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