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Graham Garbett


Graham has had a love of music from a very young age & played in bands with Mark Hagan + Stuart McAuley throughout his life.
In Mark & Graham's guise as SAND they played shows with Marillion & John Foxx (original Ultravox frontman) with the pair writing prolifically over the years.
Regarding his love for music, 'Shang-a-lang' (the TV show with The Bay City Rollers) was the starting point.
‘I used to run home from school to watch it, and pretended to be them with my toy electric guitar’!
Later, his sister got an acoustic guitar, and was having lessons at school, but she wasn't that interested, whereas he was!! He used her chord sheets and got on okay with them, but didn't improve much until he started listening to Rush and Marillion. He then found out he could play their stuff and developed his own style from there.
'I think the way i play now is a combination of Steve Rothery & Alex Lifeson with a bit of Johnny Marr picking + jangling thrown in’!
He prefers guitar melodies, than solos for the sake of them, and always tries to have a structure to guitar breaks, as he believes they are an integral part of the song's structure - most of the time, anyway!
Graham believes the new material is very strong and can't wait to start rehearsing/recording for the first GOTM album.

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